New Year’s “Revolution”

I love the commercial in which small children are seated around a table with an adult talking about various aspects of life. In the latest commercial, one of the children makes a New Year’s “revolution” to “eat more jellybeans.”

I like the way that kid thinks, but alas, my almost 48-year old self needs to eat fewer jellybeans. I’m keeping my New Year’s “revolution” list short and sweet. Here goes:

1. Make my bed every day (preferably in the morning).
2. Floss my teeth every day. I hate to floss, but the correlation between gum health and heart disease has compelled me to take up this habit (especially with stroke and heart disease on both sides of my family).
3. Walk 500 miles in a year. One of my Facebook friends mentioned this as her goal, so I thought I’d run with it (pun intended). I walked half a mile today – 499.5 miles to go.

Finally, there are 12 more shopping days until my birthday. That has nothing to do with my New Year’s “revolutions,” but it’s worth a mention.

I’m keeping my list short so I won’t feel overwhelmed and do absolutely nothing. I have other goals, but I think starting the year off with clean teeth, a neat bed, and plans to walk regularly will serve me well.