I graduated from Texas A&M University – Central Texas in December, 2011, with an English degree (professional communication focus). I have been married to Paul for almost 29 years, and we have two children. Catherine is 20 and John is 14. We also have a lhasa-poo named Josie, and we acquired Charlie the cat in March 2012 while on spring break in Texas.

Although we currently live in Little Rock, AR, my heart and my extended family are in Texas. I am a native Austinite, and Paul is from Woonsocket, Rhode Island. We have lived in eight states in 28 years, and I joke that we are not in the military or the witness protection program.

Catherine will be graduation from the Paul Mitchell cosmetology school in April 2013, and John will be a freshman in high school in the fall. I do freelance writing and editing, mainly for a semi-annual magazine geared toward military-connected families. I am in the process of applying to grad school at the University of Arkansas-Little Rock to focus on technical and professional writing (and editing). I’m not sure if I would like to teach at the college level or if I’d like to write and edit full time. I’m almost 50 and still don’t know what I want to be when I grow up.


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