Chocolate Cake

A friend and I discussed chocolate cake today, and I immediately thought about my dad’s drool-inducing chocolate cake that he made so many times over the years. Dad spread cream cheese over the top of a finished chocolate cake and then poured fudge over the cream cheese. This wasn’t just any fudge. Dad perfected a fudge recipe over nearly five decades, and I could taste the love with every bite of this cake.

It’s funny how a conversation about chocolate cake could bring up so many memories of my dad.

The weekend before Dad took a bad turn that resulted in hospice care, the occupational therapist at the nursing home asked Dad what he liked to do, and he said, “Cook.” Mom picked up the ingredients for his award-winning (and also drool-worthy) fudge pie, and Dad got to spend an afternoon doing what he loved the most.

I’m so glad Dad had one last chance to cook, and I’m also glad Mom saved a few pieces of pie for me.