Countdown to 50

I will be 49 tomorrow. Because I overthink and overplan, I have been trying for at least six months to figure out what to do this year as a countdown to my 50th birthday. At first I thought of making an Arkansas bucket list. I ruled that out quickly because I don’t like the term “bucket list.” I also thought about going back to NYC, but the timing is bad with grad school and finances. Someone gave me an idea about doing random acts of kindness, but turning that into a project seemed to defeat the purpose of being random.

I finally decided that I don’t need to make this year a production about turning 50. I have enough to do without putting pressure on myself to come up with something creative and unique that could possibly go viral.

Instead of getting sucked into the “make every milestone spectacular” movement that social media seems to propagate, I will enjoy my 49th birthday and the last year of my fourth decade. All I need is cake.CatBirthday