Things to do when recovering from surgery

I am less than a week into my arthroscopic hip surgery, and so far, everything is going well. I only needed Percocet for two days, and we still have food in our refrigerator from wonderful friends. I have very little pain, but I’m having trouble adjusting to not driving and having to spend six hours a day on a continuous passive motion (CPM) machine.

Josie and Charlie have perfected the art of resting. Perhaps I need to channel my inner pampered pet.

Fortunately, John is 14 1/2 and has his driver’s permit. He has driven me to PT, driven himself to get a haircut (with me riding shotgun), and taken me to McDonald’s for tea. He mentioned needing a cap and jacket since he has become my chauffeur. I suppose he has forgotten about the nine years of me driving him to and from school and the four years of driving to and from swim practice and meets. I hope I get the okay to drive from my doctor on Wednesday. In the meantime, I guess I should order him a chauffeur’s cap (snort laugh).


Charlie looks so peaceful when he sleeps. If only he were this still at 5:30 a.m.



The CPM is another story. I have to sit for six hours a day with my leg on a machine that moves up and down from 0-90 degrees. This device is supposed to prevent scar tissue from forming. Fortunately, I can split up the time. I usually do two hour intervals three times a day. So far during the 36 hours I’ve spent on the machine, I have done the following:

1. Binge watched Sherlock (I’m on Season 2, episode 1) and Scrubs (Where was I when this show first aired?)

2. Took a multitude of BuzzFeed quizzes in which I have learned that George Washington is my Founding Father soulmate; my actual age is 68 (BuzzFeed is 20 years off; it must have been my gin and tonic drink preference); I am not qualified to be a bartender; Saint Cecilia should be my patron saint; I should get a PhD in Comparative Literature; my cute animal soulmate is Piglet (he’s cute and slightly neurotic); I haven’t seen very many famous tourist attractions; my inner Broadway diva is Jennifer Holliday; and my name should be Frank.

3.  Ate too many snacks (thanks for the care package Cal, Laura, mom, and dad)

4. Read books, books, and more books



I wish I could feel this rested. Josie knows how to chill.

I hate sitting still, but at least I’m having fun. Now if I can only finish my grad school application and turn it in by Monday. Guess what I’ll be doing tomorrow!!