Foot Flushing – Healthy or Hazardous

I started having hip problems (at least my problems are “hip”) last October when I realized that, on top of hip pain, I could no longer sit on the floor with my legs crossed or lift my leg past a certain point. I’ve never been flexible; I could never do splits, and I’ve never been able to bend down and touch my toes. This recent anomaly with my hip has gone far beyond my normal inflexibility though.

My primary care doctor referred me to an orthopedist since my hip didn’t improve after two visits and a steroid shot. I went to the specialist a couple weeks ago expecting a couple months of physical therapy to get back to my normal point of inflexibility.

Instead, the doctor said, “You have serious issues with your hip” and mentioned the “S” word (surgery), to which I immediately thought of another “S” word. He said arthroscopic hip surgery could save my hip and keep me from needing hip replacement surgery in the not too distant future. I go back to see him today to get results on my MRI, see if I need a CT scan, and find out whether or not he thinks I need surgery.

Over the past two weeks, I’ve been trying to figure out what in the world I did to my hip. I’m only 48, and I’m active to the point of being hyper. I sprained my ankle in September when I was walking a rambunctious Rottweiler puppy, and I probably contorted my hip when I tried to get my foot out of the hole I fell into.

The other day, however, I had what I refer to as my “hipephany.” I was in the restroom at Wal-Mart, and when I tried to foot-flush, I couldn’t raise my leg high enough to reach the flusher. Then it hit me – I have been foot flushing in public restrooms for 20 years with my left foot. Could my quest to avoid germs have led to my present condition? I called my mom, and we laughed so hard, we cried. A sense of humor is good at times such as this.

If you are a fellow foot flusher, be warned. Foot flushing could be hazardous to your health.