Iced in – Day 3


We have been “iced in” since Friday morning, December 6. We knew this weather event was approaching, thanks to our outstanding meteorologists, so we made appropriate food purchases and located our trusty lantern in case of a power outage. Thankfully, we never lost power. One former co-worker said that sometimes Little Rock loses power if we just have a heavy dew.

I pondered catching up on housework and doing other productive activities since I wouldn’t have errands to interrupt me. The first thing I did before the storm, and before going to the grocery store, was go to the library to stock up on books and movies. Productive didn’t last long.

Here is a brief summary of the non-productive things I’ve done over the weekend:

1. Reading Takedown Twenty by Janet Evanovich in two days – Her books are hilarious, and though I did not necessarily expand my mind, I laughed my head off. Grandma Mazur and Lula are my favorite characters. 

2. Adding three more boards (Wine and Other Spirits, Swim Parents Rock, and My Hometown) to Pinterest along with at least 10 pins per board –  In other words, my followers got their pages blasted with about 30 pins ranging from funny swim quotes, photos of wine bottles, and photos of my favorite places in Austin. I also repinned a few items from people I follow, and I found a Zen garden to make and pinned that on to my “I Can Make That” board. Without all this extra time on my hands, I wouldn’t have realized I needed to create more boards.

3. Adding apps to my Kindle Fire – I added Pinterest (I usually use it on my phone) and Candy Crush. I have resisted playing that game because fast-paced games trigger migraines. Today, though, it was either add Candy Crush or clean the bathroom. The good thing about Candy Crush is, once you lose a certain amount of lives, you have to wait awhile before you get more (unless you want to buy lives; I’ve been married to an actuary too long to pay anything for a game.). I am currently stuck on Level 15. I keep losing lives because of the short number of moves allowed.

4. Applying to grad school – I’ve thought about applying to the UALR Professional and Technical Writing graduate program for about a year. I got an email from the graduate coordinator a month or so ago asking if I was still interested. I just haven’t sat down to complete the application until today. All I have left to do is get transcripts, an immunization record, a portfolio, and my firstborn child sent to UALR by sometime this spring. I’m off to a good start though, especially since I paid the $40 application fee. Now I have to follow through. I guess technically, applying to grad school is productive, but I always found myself busy with other things like running errands, doing dishes, and cleaning bathrooms.

The weekend isn’t over. I still have movies to watch – Doubt, Miss Pettigrew Lives for a Day, and The Truman Show. I should be able to watch at least one. I’m more of a book person, but I think I’ll make sure I watch Doubt. Meryl Streep, Amy Adams, and Phillip Seymour Hoffman should be worth a couple of hours.

Breaking news – School is cancelled for tomorrow. IMG_1550

Regardless of the weather status, I do need to start the laundry and plan the menu for the week. In other words, it’s time to start being productive. But that can wait until tomorrow. I’ve got movies to watch.