Yard work

I enjoy the outdoors, but I have never been crazy about yard work. Paul, John, and Catherine take care of all our landscaping needs. John mows the front yard during the summer, Catherine mows the back, and Paul takes over the front when school starts. Today, however, I mowed the lawn (front only) for the first time since the early 90’s. While mowing, I came up with the following observations about lawnmowers and yard work:

1. I look cute in a baseball cap (a mandatory accessory for outdoor manual labor).
2. Mowing downhill is fun until you have to go back up.
3. Pushing a lawnmower while it is still running is much easier than pushing it with the engine turned off.
4. Vacuuming does not seem so bad after all.
5. Getting the weed eater to start goes more smoothly with the battery attached.
6. Edging is hard.
7. Taking the battery off the weed eater is also hard.
8. I don’t hate mowing.

I didn’t come up with an earth-shattering epiphany while mowing, but while I looked at my slightly uneven edging job and ever so slightly crooked lines in the grass, I realized that maybe I could be less of a control freak and let people help me in their own special way.

Tomorrow, I’m going to trim the shrubs!!