Greetings from Arkansas (or “woo pig soooieee”)

Paul has been in Little Rock since last September, but John and I just arrived last Friday, June 15. We have a houseful of boxes to unpack, but I was able to unpack many of the kitchen boxes when I came up for closing in May. Paul unpacked still more kitchen boxes, and we have tons more boxes upstairs (mostly books, holiday decor, and paperwork). I really thought I would be further along in the unpacking process, but I just can’t get motivated. I guess I’m still homesick for my Belton friends, our daughter, and my extended family in Texas. We already have friends here, and that helps, but John and I left many good friends in Belton.

Moving stinks, and my previous post about TDY vs. PCS seems trite now that we have actually moved. Paul’s job situation is much better, though, and John’s swim club will challenge him even more. We also have curbside recycling (I added those in to keep from sounding too whiny).

I still miss my friends, and I remember feeling the same way when we left Little Rock in 2005. Did I mention moving stinks?