Where are the Cowboys?

John used to ask questions relentlessly when he was younger. He didn’t ask the annoying “why” to every statement I made. Instead, he had some thought-provoking inquiries. At times I got tired of trying to answer his questions, but I started writing them down as I realized he wouldn’t always be an inquisitive preschooler. I compiled a list of some of John’s more humorous (although he was completely serious) and intriguing questions and called it

Where are the Cowboys?

Why do rats live in sewers?
What if we ate cake before lunch?
What if we were really aliens?
Do horses have belly buttons?
What if daddy stayed in the bathroom?
What if we didn’t have blood?
How long does it take to get to the center of the earth?
What if all the animals in the world threw up?
What if I was a black Pomeranian named Rascal?
Where are the cowboys?
What if otters were in our house?
What if I grew to be too big and you couldn’t carry me anymore?

by John Ricard, age 3 1/2 (now 12 1/2)


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